Meet our staff

Matic Pavlica, DVM, graduated from Veterinary Faculty, University of Ljubljana in May 2017. During last two years of the study he was acquiring clinical experience at the Departments of Surgery, Anaesthesiology and Dentistry and Oral Surgery at the Small Animal Clinic, Veterinary Faculty, University of Ljubljana. After graduation, he volunteered at the same institution for seven months. Since March 2018, he has been employed as clinician and has been gaining clinical experience at the Departments of Internal medicine, Inpatient care and Anaesthesiology. In October 2019, he enrolled the interdisciplinary doctoral study program Biomedicine as a young researcher at the Department of Anaesthesiology. The focus of his research will be new approaches to the treatment and pain management of dogs with osteosarcoma under the mentorship of Assoc. Prof. Alenka Seliškar, PhD, DVM.