Meet our staff

Frosina Dudeska

Frosina Dudeska comes from Macedonia. She graduated from the Secondary Veterinary School in 1997 and began her studies at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Skopje. She completed her studies in 2004 and was awarded the title of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

After graduation, she obtained a position as an official veterinarian at the Agency for Food Safety and Veterinary Medicine and at the Veterinary Inspectorate of Macedonia.

In 2021, she moved to Slovenia and immediately started acquiring a professional qualification. She wanted to work as a veterinarian and work with animals as soon as possible. After passing the exams at the Veterinary Faculty in Ljubljana and passing the professional exam, she started a one-year clinical training in the field of dog and cat medicine at the Small Animal Clinic in January 2024.