Our motto at the Department of Anaesthesiology is to serve our patients and their owners to the best of our ability. We deliver timely, compassionate, state-of-the-art anaesthesia for a variety of surgical, dental and diagnostic procedures. We are qualified for the anaesthesia of high-risk patients including paediatric and geriatric populations of dogs and cats. We are also qualified to anaesthetize dogs and cats requiring special treatment due to breed specificities such as brachycephalic breeds, sighthounds, giant and miniature dog breeds and others. We take care of the post-operative intensive care and pain management, and provide chronic pain management consultations.   The department of anaesthesiology is equipped with six anaesthesia machines with sevoflurane and isoflurane vapourizers. Standard non-invasive monitoring during anaesthesia includes measurements of the concentration of delivered inhalation anaesthetics, capnography, pulse oximetry, ECG, non-invasive blood pressure and body temperature measurements. High-risk patients are additionally monitored with more invasive techniques, such as direct arterial and central venous pressure measurements, control of diuresis, blood gas analyses and TOF.

Meet our team

All the animals anaesthetized in this department are always supervised by experienced veterinary anaesthetists who ensure safe anaesthesia with excellent outcomes and happy clients.