Internal Medicine

Interna medicina - pregled ušesa

Patients with various diseases are received daily at the Internal Medicine department. When necessary, we transfer the patient to other specialty services and treatment. Animals that need health examinations prior to travel or regular protective vaccinations are also accepted. We offer counseling regarding health problems in dogs and cats. 

1. General internal medicine examinations of dogs and cats

2. Specialties

3. Vaccination 

  • Dogs: combination vaccination
  • Cats: combination vaccination, against feline leukosis, rabies
  • Antibody rabies titer

4. Transfusion medicine

You are invited to enter your animal on a list of blood donors and save lives.

5. Dietary counseling

  • Counseling with cooperation with dietary professionals.
  • Sale of specialized commercial veterinary food.
  • Individual diet recommendations for animals with special needs.

6. Counseling of reproduction needs

  • Sexual cycle in the female
  • Optimal breeding time determination
  • Pregnancy prevention in dogs and cats

Meet our team

Appointments for general internal medicine examinations are not necessary; however, checking the current waiting time for a non-emergency case by telephone +386014779277 is suggested. In case of emergency, call 030 716 190, 24 hours a day.