At the Department of Chiropractic at the Clinic for Surgery and Small Animals in Ljubljana, we work mostly with cats and dogs, but treatment can also be arranged for other animals. The medical examination and therapy always take place in the presence of the owners, as the animals are never sedated or anaesthetised in chiropractic therapy. As the therapy in question is exclusively manual, the procedure does not involve the use of any devices or implements except for the suitable work surface on which the animals are placed during therapy.

The purpose and goal of our work are to restore the mobility of all facet joints at all vertebral levels. During the examination, we identify the places where the mobility of the spine is reduced (vertebral subluxation complex – VSC) and attempt to restore its healthy condition. After the examination and manipulation of the spine, we also focus on the extremities (head, legs, tail).

The chiropractic medical treatment of your animal will normally be advised by your vet. However, owners themselves can also inquire about the suitability of this therapy in case of their animals’ medical problems. The most common indications calling for chiropractic assistance are decreased mobility (problems getting up and lying down), previously diagnosed problems with the spine and extremities, post-operative conditions for which chiropractic manipulation can contribute to swifter and improved recuperation, cruciate ligament problems, dysplasia problems, as well as problems related to Horner’s syndrome, Wobbler syndrome, brachial plexus avulsion, sciatic neuralgia, spondylosis and muscular dystrophy.

Chiropractic therapy is also used with the aim of easing the primary difficulties resulting from numerous internal diseases, such as diabetes, epilepsy, perineal gland problems, constant licking of the distal parts of the limbs, incontinence and chronic ear infections.

Meet our team

Ksenija Praper, DVM, Animal Chiropractic  

You can make an appointment for a chiropractic examination and therapy at the reception desk of the Clinic for Surgery and Small Animals +386014779277 or with the chiropractic therapist herself +38640348088.