Inpatient Care

Bolnišnična nega

Our Inpatient Care Unit houses animal that need long-term care or intensive care because of their health condition. The facilities for dogs and cats are separated so that the patients do not disturb or agitate each other. The infectious disease unit is also separate and is designed to host animals suspected of having an infectious disease. In this way, we take care that we handle those patients separately and thus minimize the risk of transmitting infectious diseases to the others.

Because we are aware that cats are very special patients, and they sometimes do not handle hospitalization well, and because their recovery can be prolonged, we pay particular attention to their habits, needs and desires. We try to adapt the cat’s environment to their character and handle them carefully. In the holiday season, we offer “holiday care˝ for our patients that need daily treatment and would not be suitable for a kennel.  

In our Inpatient Care Unit are animals that

  • Are recovering after surgical treatment
  • Need long term medical care
  • Are critically ill
  • And/or need intensive care

Meet our team

Moreover, we also house animals that need more demanding diagnostic procedures and patients undergoing chemotherapy. Patients are under 24-hour surveillance; in addition to veterinarians and technicians, students in their last years of studies are also present and take care of the animals.