Infectious Diseases

border collie

At the Clinic for Surgery and Small Animals of the Veterinary Faculty, we also deal with the prevention, detection and treatment of various infectious diseases of dogs and cats, such as leptospirosis, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, chlamydiosis and others. The prevention of infectious diseases covers general preventive measures and vaccination.   In our Clinical Laboratory, we perform tests of the following diseases or infection’s agents.

In cooperation with external laboratories, we provide appropriate samples for diagnostic:

  • anaplasmosis (serological and molecular methods)
  • boreliosis (serological methods)
  • Mycoplasma (agar plate and molecular methods) 
  • some viral infections of the mucous membranes (electron microscopy)
  • chlamidisis (serological methods) 
  • leishmaniosis (serological and molecular methods in the tissue samples)
  • leptospirosis (serological methods) 
  • babesiosis (molecular or microscopic examination of blood smears) 
  • hemobartonelosis (microscopic examination of blood smears)
  • and others 

Meet our team

Nataša Tozon, DVM, PhD, Spec. in canine and feline medicine, Full Prof.
Urška Ravnik Verbič, DVM, PhD, Teaching Assist.

For visits, it is not necessary to make an appointment; however, for non-urgent cases, please call +386014779277.