Computed Tomography (CT)

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Computed tomography is an advanced imaging modality that combines the use of X-ray beams and a computer to produce accurate cross-sectional and three-dimensional images of the body. The obtained images are much more detailed than conventional X-ray images, therefore the method is (additionally) used when we cannot definitely diagnose a condition with other diagnostic tools.

CT is used as an additional diagnostic tool in many fields of veterinary medicine, and it is also of an utmost importance in treatment planning. It is indispensable, for example, in the planning of large-scale surgical procedures, since it is allows us a precise determination of the extent of tumors, the position of fractured bones, and the involvement of surrounding tissues in the disease processes. Contrast medium, administered intravenously, is often used in order to differentiate between different types of tissues (e.g., between muscles, fat and bones).

Animals have to lie completely still for the procedure, hence CT scanning requires a short general Anaesthesia.

Since May 2017, CT imaging is available at the Small Animal Clinic. With the use of a new 16-slice Siemens Somatom Scope CT scanner we perform imaging of the:
· head
· thorax
· abdomen
· spine and
· extremities.

If your veterinarian recommended a CT scan for your animal, please, make an appointment for a CT scan by telephone +38614779277 (Monday to Friday between 8 :00 to 19:00) or by e-mail You need to bring the referral form filled-in by your veterinarian with you on the day of the procedure. The referral form can also be sent to our e-mail  The cost of a CT scan is approximately 350 to 420 EUR (including 22% VAT), depending on the number of body regions examined and the use of contrast media.

Meet our team

Nina Milevoj, DVM
Estera Pogorevc, DVM, Teaching Assist.
Rok Korljan, veterinary technician
Martina Krofič Žel, DVM, PhD, Teaching Assist.