Recently, oncology disorders have been occurring increasingly frequently as a result of the longer life expectancy of pets and the increasingly sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic methods used in veterinary medicine. Oncology patients require in-depth assessment, with a particularly comprehensive approach. The Clinic for Surgery and Small Animals of the Veterinary Faculty provides oncology treatment primarily to dogs and cats. The clinic was the first to introduce electro-chemotherapy and electro-gene therapy as an alternative treatment. Both treatments are carried out under general anaesthesia; this is also necessary for endoscopic examinations, as well as the withdrawal of a biopsy for patho-histology examination. Clinical activity includes diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.  

Primary tumours are found with the following methods:

  • general and focused clinical examination, 
  • laboratory tests are necessary, depending on the individual patient,
  • different types of biopsies for cytological and histological investigation obtained samples
  • endoscopic investigation of specific  internal organs 
  • determination of the clinical stage of the disease through imaging techniques (x-ray and ultrasound examinations and ultrasound guided biopsy)

If other imaging techniques (computed tomography and magnetic resonance) are needed, the clinic cooperates with institutions in Slovenia and abroad, carrying out the aforementioned diagnostic procedures.  

According to the oncological disease found, we use the following treatment methods:

  • surgical treatment, 
  • systemic chemotherapy,
  • electro-chemotherapy,
  • electro-gene therapy,
  • all types of support treatments (e.g. pain management, feeding tubes, etc.).

Meet our team

Nataša Tozon, DVM, PhD, Spec. in canine and feline medicine, Full Prof.  

For scheduling an appointment, call us +386014779277 from 8:00 to 19:00 on weekdays and from 8:00 to 13:30 on Saturdays. You can make an appointment during the week in the morning or the afternoon; there is no waiting time for urgent cases. Diagnostic interventions in anaesthesia are performed only in the morning, in case of emergencies, we are available 24 hours a day +38630716190.