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Katerina Tomsič works at the Department of Anaesthesiology of the Clinic for Small Animal Medicine (Veterinary Faculty, University of Ljubljana).

Katerina graduated from the Veterinary Faculty in 2007. As a student, she worked as a veterinary technician at the Clinic for Surgery and Small Animals. She carried out professional practice at private veterinary clinics at home and abroad. After graduation, she continued to work at the clinic as a volunteer trainee until she became regularly employed in 2009. In 2017 she obtained her PhD degree with the doctoral dissertation: The influence of propofol and sevoflurane anaesthesia on oxidative stress in dogs with myxomatous mitral valve degeneration.

Her clinical work covers the areas of anaesthesiology and critical care. She is also the author of several professional articles for veterinarians and animal owners.

Katerina Tomsič is a member of the Veterinary Chamber of Commerce.

She speaks Slovenian, Italian and English fluently.

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