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luka šparaš

Luka Šparaš graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ljubljana in 2020 as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. During his studies, he did voluntary service at the surgery department of the Small Animal Clinic ( Veterinary faculty, University of Ljubljana) and worked there as a student technician.

Under the mentorship of Assist. Prof. Vladimira Erjavec, PhD and Prof. Dr. Alenka Nemec Svete, PhD, together with Rebeka Turk, DVM, he completed the research project: Parameters of haemostasis in dogs with brachycephalic syndrome before and after surgical treatment
He participated in two interdisciplinary projects under the EU Creative path to knowledge programme and, as a result, in the publication of the Handbook for the health and welfare of dogs of brachycephalic breeds in Slovenian.

As part of the ERASMUS exchange programme, he completed an internship at Fitzpatrick Referrals (UK) and at the Hofheim Veterinary Clinic (Germany). After graduation, he completed a one-year internship in small animals at the Hofheim Veterinary Clinic.
In 2023, he will start his residency in stomatology at the European University of Veterinary Stomatology (EVDC) under the mentorship of Assist. Prof. Ana Nemec, PhD.