Meet our staff

Blaž Vrtačnik first became involved in veterinary medicine as a student of the Veterinary Tehnician Education Programme at the High School of Animal Husbandry and Food Processing (known today as the Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana). While studying at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, he gained additional clinical experience at the University’s Clinic for Surgery and Small Animals (known today as Small Animal Clinic), he also volunteered for the TNR team Slovenia and he completed his mandatory training at the School’s Veterinary Clinic.

He gained his title Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in September 2016 and started working at the School’s Veterinary Clinic and Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana by the end of the same year as a veterinary practitioner and a teacher for the Veterinary Tehnician Education Programme. In July 2018 he became an external partner of the Small Animal Clinic’s emergency service.

Blaž is also the co-founder of the SVSP Organisation, which voluntarily neuters and spays stray dogs and cats in the Balkans and other European countries. High-school and university students as well as practicing veterinarians are invited to join them.

In his work, he prefers working with small animals. He is perfecting his skills in the field of diagnostics and is most interested in surgery, orthopaedics, anaesthesia and emergency medicine. He regularly attends courses on small animal veterinary care.