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veterinar-ka, ki nima fotke

Urša Lampreht Tratar graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Ljubljana in 2013. After graduation, she joined the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana as a young researcher at the Department of Experimental Oncology. In 2018, under the mentorship of Prof. Maja Čemažar and Prof. Nataša Tozon, she defended her PhD thesis entitled: Electrogene therapy with interleukin 12 for the treatment of skin and oral tumours in dogs.

At the Small Animal Clinic, she collaborates with Prof. Nataša Tozon at the Oncology department, where, in collaboration with the Oncology Institute and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, they are conducting a clinical study on the treatment of dogs and cats with electrochemotherapy (with/without IL-12 gene transfer).

As part of her teaching activities, she participates in lectures and practical work in the course of Clinical Oncology in Veterinary Medicine at the undergraduate course of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Ljubljana. She is an author of scientific articles and a reviewer in international scientific journals.