First World Congress on Electroporation – in Slovenia!

Nataša Tozon, 27. March, 2015

Dear Colleague, 
We would like to invite you to join us at the World Congress on Electroporation, which will be held in Portorož, Slovenia, from 6 to 10 September, 2015.
During the World Congress, several special sessions are foreseen. One of these sessions is devoted to “Application of electroporation in Veterinary medicine”. The goal of the session is to give an overview about the use of electroporation in veterinary medicine. 
The specific invitation to the session can be summarized as follows: “Electrochemotherapy is used in veterinary oncology for almost 20 years. It is being used for treatment of dogs, cats and horses. The pronounced antitumor effect is obtained in many histologically different tumor types using either bleomycin or cisplatin. Besides electrochemotherapy, electroporation have been successfully used also for the delivery of DNA vaccines and therapeutic genes for antitumor gene therapy. In addition, irreversible electroporation has been tested for treatment of brain tumors in dogs. The electroporation based treatment in veterinary medicine are of great importance, not only because they hold a great potential for treatment and vaccination of domestic animals, but also because they can represent a good model for human disease and thus enable quicker and better translation of therapies into human clinical use. In the session, different treatment as well as technical approaches for successful delivery of therapeutic molecules (chemotherapeutic drugs, DNA plasmids) alone or in combination will be presented and discussed.”
We would like to invite you to actively participate at the World Congress and present the results of your studies in this session. Note that the submission system is open and ready to accept the papers (full papers for inclusion in the proceedings and the short abstracts only). We would appreciate if you could prepare the full paper (4-page long). All the information about the congress and the submission of the papers can be found at:
Thank you.
Looking forward to seeing you in Portorož. 

For Organising Committee
Prof. Maja Čemažar, Prof. Justin Teissie, Prof. Nataša Tozon
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