Gensko posredovana terapija predstavlja eno od naprednih načinov zdravljenja

Gene electrotransfer treatment with plasmid encoding interleukin 12 for spontaneous tumours in dogs

Nataša Tozon, 30. May, 2022

Gene electrotransfer of immuno stimulating cytokines is an advanced therapy, aimed at stimulating the patient’s immune response against cancer.

Numerous clinical studies over the years have confirmed that this novel treatment is safe for the patient and the environment. It has a positive effect on local tumour control and disease progression. The gene electrotransfer of immunostimulating cytokines provides the patient with a good quality of life with minimal side effects. This was the main reason why the owners found this treatment method suitable and would choose it again if needed.

The results of our research have been presented at numerous scientific and professional meetings and published in major internationally recognized journals. Our achievements have also been made known to the public.

To get an insight into our work and the results, we invite you to view some of the publications.

Symposium on gene therapy in Slovenia –

Pitamic S. Slovenian Platform for the Development of Gene Therapy, Medicine Today, March 2022

Čemažar M, T Jesenko, M Bošnjak and co-authors. Gene therapy in oncology, first steps of development in Slovenia. Oncology, June 2022 (PDF)

The authors would like to thank all research participants and supporters

Special thanks to the dog owners who trusted us, and helped to improve the treatment of some oncological patients.

Authors: prof. dr. Nataša Tozon (University of Ljubljana, Veterinary Faculty), dr. Nina Milevoj (University of Ljubljana, Veterinary Faculty), dr. Urša Lampreht Tratar (Institute of Oncology Ljubljana), prof. dr. Maja Čemažar (Institute of Oncology Ljubljana).

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